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Imposter among us...

 Hi Everyone,  Before I begin todays post, I hope you all are well and you voted this election! Remember to wear a face mask and maintain 6 feet apart when leaving your home :) I want to share a game that has taken some of my time that I am really enjoying, you guessed it-- AMONG US! Who else is playing? I am really enjoying the game with friends, trying to be the imposter or discover whom the imposter(s) are before it's too late! It is such a thrill to play! If you haven't played among us, it is a computer based or mobile app game in which there's a crew aboard a spaceship. There are tasks assigned to the crewmates aboard. Up to ten players can play at a time, with 1-3 imposters pretending to be apart of the crew only to sabotage the crew and kill everyone off! Doesn't this sound thrilling. The game requires the imposters to be great liars by not getting caught. My friends and I use discord to chat to decipher what's happening, where bodies were found and who we su

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