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Creating my poshmark closet

Happy Sunday,Are you a Posher? I recently created my account and I've been having fun uploading items to sell! I was let go from my Full time position due to Covid, so I've been finding new ways to be productive and to utilize my expertise while I find my next career opportunity. Since I have a background in Visual Merchandising and Sales, I wanted to play with this idea of selling clothes online. Although I'm not ready to dive into having a business but rather play I thought Poshmark would be a great place to play and sell! The idea of me selling on Poshmark was able to be because of my boyfriend's mom, she has SO MUCH clothes that she purchased but let sit in her closet--lucky for me! I really enjoy how easy the app is to navigate; take a picture, upload details of the item, add the price and just sell! I use a mannequin and steamer to get the product photo ready. I set up a corner of the bedroom with an orchid in the background for a touch of decor. I've only b…

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